Grand Coupe Car

Grand Coupe Car

Make sure you save money on Grand Coupe Car by visiting Amazon today to make sure you don't miss out. This update on the bestselling Cozy Coupe can be in shortsupply at Christmas

The stylish Grand Coupe car comes with rounded corners and more room in the back for the necessities such as teddy bear for the road trip.

Suitable for kids over the age of 18 months. Kids will enjoy the comfortable ride but will still get the exercise they need as it is kiddie power that gets the car moving just like the Flintstones.

Grand Coupe car has all the safety design features that have made thecozy coupe car a run away bestseller for 30 years.


If this is a must have gift be sure to order now to avoid disappointment.

Little-Tikes Grand Coupe Car Details

Grand coupe car is a comfortable and stylish drive when you take the grand coupe car for a cruise around the neigbourhood or garden. Kids love these cars.

The instrument panel includes a large easy to handle steering wheel a working horn and a cloicking. The Grand Coupe car comes with more room in the back for toys and extra luggage so nothing important gets left behind like a favourite teddy.

It comes with all the great features of the Cozy coupe car. The wheels turn 360 degrees for easy change of direction. There is also an opening petrol cap been added for more fun.

This is an ideal Christmas gift for any child over the 18 months. They can fill up and go on road trips just like mum and dad. They get to exercise themselves and their creativity at the same time as they explore theworldaround them.

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June 26, 2016
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